Virtual Choir: “Sing Gently”

The lockdowns during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, like with many other activities, have prevented the ability for choirs to sing together. Fortunately, there have been several virtual choir events that have sprouted during this time that still allows us to sing together, even if not in person.

The first of these that I participated in during the pandemic is Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir 6: “Sing Gently”. This is an original piece he composed to represent both our angst over the isolation of this time, but also the hopefulness of eventually coming back to sing together.

With ever virtual choir that his team organizes, the increase of participation is staggering. “Sing Gently” included 17,572 singers from 129 countries!

The choir was profiled on the CBS Sunday Morning program, in which Eric describes more about his motivations and the process for the production.

I very much enjoyed being able to participate in this project. The message of the lyrics, combined with the transitions between soft and louder volume helped me to really feel connected to the piece.

And now, please enjoy Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir 6: “Sing Gently”!


May we sing together, always.
May our voice be soft.
May our singing be music for others
and may it keep others aloft.

Sing gently, always.
Sing gently as one.

May we stand together, always.
May our voice be strong.
May we hear the singing and
May we always sing along.

Sing gently, always.
Sing gently as one.

The song may be streamed or purchased from various services.

The First Two Collaborations from “The Greatest Showman”

A while back, I started following an independent singer/songwriter on YouTube named Peter Hollens. He produces music that is largely, and often entirely vocally-based. Even the percussion is beatboxing. I strongly encourage you to check out his YouTube channel.

Recently, he announced he was going to producing music videos of several songs from the movie musical, “The Greatest Showman,” where following fans could participate and submit tracks to be included in the overall piece. He provided all the music and instructional videos needed for people to be appropriately prepared.

The first piece, “From Now On”, was released at the end of September. The second piece, “The Greatest Show” was released last week. Please feel free to watch, enjoy, and see if you can find me!