The First Two Collaborations from “The Greatest Showman”

A while back, I started following an independent singer/songwriter on YouTube named Peter Hollens. He produces music that is largely, and often entirely vocally-based. Even the percussion is beatboxing. I strongly encourage you to check out his YouTube channel.

Recently, he announced he was going to producing music videos of several songs from the movie musical, “The Greatest Showman,” where following fans could participate and submit tracks to be included in the overall piece. He provided all the music and instructional videos needed for people to be appropriately prepared.

The first piece, “From Now On”, was released at the end of September. The second piece, “The Greatest Show” was released last week. Please feel free to watch, enjoy, and see if you can find me!

Welcome to my blog!

Hello and welcome to my new blog, The Inner Voice. After having the same 3 pages on my website for many years, it was definitely due for an update! Plus, as I discuss more in my Why I Blog page, this will give me more of an opportunity to write that I have had.

I have no particular plans regarding how often I will post. At this point, I’m planning to let my mood, spirit and schedule guide me. While I presently suspect that Computers, Music and Spirituality will be three of the main topics I will write about, I do not plan to limit only to those areas. I will use other tags and categories to help organize my content here.

I would like to be able to connect with as many readers as possible, so please feel free to comment on my posts, suggest additional topics for me or simply send me a message