The exciting Chicago Bears 2018 season

NFL football is one of the things that I look forward to each year. It is the only sport I actually follow anymore. I was a little more interested in the New York Mets and the Chicago Bulls when I was younger, but it didn’t maintain after the star players on those teams weren’t playing anymore. Since childhood, baseball, basketball and hockey have never held my interest enough for me to want to follow teams or learn players.

And, to be honest, football lost my interest too for a while. I lived in Chicago during the 1985 Bears Superbowl season. While I never went to any games, I remember watching them on TV. I remember seeing Walter Payton run. I remember the dominance of that defense. I still remember many of the names of players from that team.

After moving to New York, I followed the Bears for a little bit and then the New York Giants for a bit. But then lost interest until the Bears’ 2006 season. The team was finally good again, on track to go to the playoffs, and I started watching late in the year. Since then, my connection to the team having been rekindled, I have been a more avid follower of the team. The games are not on TV as frequently here in New York, but I have watched as much as I’ve been able.

As an adult, I believe it’s easier to grind and survive through bad teams compared to as a child. The Bears have had many bad years again since 2006, but this year has been a rewarding one. 

The team’s defense was very strong, regularly stopping opposing offenses and producing turnovers. The offense has been generally solid most of the year, producing enough points to overcome their opponents but without blowing teams out by large margins either. As a team that finished in last place in their division last year and improved to first place this year, under a first-year head coach and a second-year quarterback, there is a lot to look forward given the team’s success this year.

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Most importantly, though, the team was fun to watch. And they were having fun too. The coach even insisted upon it. Their play on the field was strong and explosive. The coach was using all the players in creative ways, pulling out some trick plays. The team had creative touchdown celebration dances and would celebrate after wins in the locker room in “Club Dub”. 

Their loss tonight in the playoffs to the Philadelphia Eagles was a heart-breaking one. The game was a tough, low-scoring defensive battle, as I thought it would be. The Eagles scored a touchdown with about a minute left in the game, but the Bears were able to push down the field and have one last chance. Unfortunately, the kicker missed the kick that would have won the game. 

Am I disappointed that the Bears lost when they were certainly good enough and played well enough to be able to win? Yes, of course. But I am very happy with how the season turned out and am excited with what next year will bring. 

If I can find or make a good highlight reel of the team’s season, I will post it here.

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